About Me

I am an outreach professional, educator, social science researcher, and designer of community-engaged educational spaces and digital learning resources. Since 2016, I serve as a community outreach program manager with the University of Colorado Boulder’s Office for Outreach and Engagement.

In my current position, and through over two decades as an educational researcher in higher educational, formal k12, informal and digital learning spaces, I have focused on the development of mutually beneficial partnerships across university actors and nondominant groups (e.g. low income, Latino, immigrant, rural, women). A key element of my community-engaged scholarship is bringing diverse expertise, perspectives and interests into conversation and collaboration across multiple contexts.

The overall goal of my work is to develop and support programs that are personally, academically and socially consequential. Network, ecological and activity theoretical frameworks inform how I build relationships across diverse perspectives, discourses and stakeholders. I draw from a “funds of knowledge” (Gonzalez, Moll & Amanti, 2005) approach to engage the lived experiences, interests and histories of all participants, and in particular those from nondominant backgrounds. This perspective proposes that communities’ “funds of knowledge” are valuable resources for the development of vibrant, connected, equitable and inclusive life and learning opportunities.

My publications and presentations provide practical and theoretical guidance in the areas of community-engaged research and engaged pedagogies, funds of knowledge, and new media and learning.

View my CV or my Hybrid CV_Resume

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