Inventos Boulder Part 2 starts this week!

This time around Inventos Boulder is comprised of myself, three undergraduate research opportunity students and 16-20 kids and their group leader who are part of a program that focuses on health and well being. Our intergenerational ensembles will create video documentaries on the intersection of health and technology in their lives, and the lives of their families and communities. We use iPod touches to document and edit the work!

Our research will focus on the aforementioned topic as well as the multimodal literacy practices, ethnographic sensibilities and choices the children ages 7-11 leverage and develop with the project. They will conduct interviews using the iPods and edit their movies with iMovie on these mobile devices.  They will use other tools to create images and music for their videos. We aim to have parent involvement via several dinners for families where kids will interview their parents and get feedback on their post-production process.

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